We highly recommend these website as they are the other websites we have created.  You might be interested in seeing our other works and/or passing along the information for the businesses involved.  Most of them have been in business for a long time and are very high quality businesses.

http://deltechomeforsale.com – a beautiful, unique circular home for sale in Parrottsville, TN.  Please share this website with your friends who are looking to buy a new home.Image - Version 2

http://nannietales.com – cute and interesting website (blog) with information about raising children in today’s world.  Also remember, “Kids say the darndest things” with Art LInkletter?  We are trying to continue ad remember some of the funny things kids have ever said to us or done.

http://easternraftrepair.net – East Tennessee is becoming well-knows for it river rafting in Hartford.  The rafts have to get repaired sometime and these people do a very good job.

http://parrottsvillelutherans.org – The Parrottsville Lutheran Parish consist of two churches: Luther Memorial and Salem Lutheran, and they are members of the ELCA.
Find out what these churches believe and see their worship times and addresses.  There is also a history for each church which makes very good reading if you like history.

http://parrottsvilletn.com – This is the 3rd oldest town in Tennessee and the second of two cities in Cocke County, TN.  It has an interesting history.

http://sandrproductsinc.com – the website of our son-in-law who has a very successful machine shop in Michigan.  Owner, Scot Kubasiak, is dedicated to very high-quality work.